"Horns of Absolution; Heart of Beautification. Eyes that perceive perfection. Creation begets destruction. Destruction sires creation. From the babbles of cacophony. To the chills of discord."

The incessant buzzing of an entrapped princess. Inverted Gaia with a crown of thorns. The Final Supper unravels to release bound mortality. A woman whom forsakes her magnolian origins stands before you. Entropic chaos exuding from the form of an anomaly. Unfathomability and incomprehension trembles the very reality. Distortions layer around the area, and a very deathly essence brings about an apocalyptic blight that plagues the surroundings. Once tiny, pitch black fae wings expand further to etch upon the world as powerful beacons of disorderly stability. Bovidae horns stretch around to comfortably protect her thorny crown.

Life twisted and abhorrent, false imitations of reality drumming and overlaying upon this reality. Dream essence blots along normalcy and brings itself into the very mainframe of the world. This human is not normal, one can feel it. An abysmal feel that entraps and captures nearby creatures with this mysterious allure. An enigmatic apex that inspires the feeling of emptiness, seizing a hole in common sense. The very plane of existence feeling as if it'll wear and tear in the presence of this creature. An abomination of multiple layers of magical resource, veiling and hiding an entropic, unfathomable nature.

The very plane of existence feeling as if it'll distort and mutate into many different dreamscapes. The little devourer wanders Esshar, in search of food. One can always tell that if one is to offer food tribute. You may just befriend this anomaly.

"Be born humanity. To be undone."